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Choosing The Right Domain Name

“You can achieve instant credibility with a great domain name, and you can also make all of your future search engine optimisation efforts much easier.”

The initial selection of your domain name can be a daunting task, and it's a decision that you and your business will have to do stand by for many years to come. If you're going to use a Seo company to market your website, then we suggest you consult them first before you decide on a domain name that represents your business. Making a mistake by choosing the wrong domain name can make it much harder for your website to perform in the search results. Consulting with a reputable Seo company like Seo Worx to help you choose the right domain name can save you a lot of headache down the track. They'll help you to choose a web address that will lend itself well to optimisation and won't hinder your websites ability to rank well in the search results. There is a myriad of variables to think about before registering your new domain name. There's a multitude of things to consider, but the three main points are; how the domain name sounds, how it looks, and how connected it is to your industry.

Should I use a Hyphenated Domain Name

Domain names with hyphens in them are hard to explain to people in an off-line marketing environment. A lot of people have trouble understanding URLs that contain a hyphen in them when you try to explain it to them. It's a much better option to register domain names without a hyphen in them. From a Seo perspective, Google sees a hyphen as a space, so it perfectly understands the words contained within hyphenated domain names. They can also correctly read web addresses that have all of the words bunched together like People also need to remember that their domain name needs to look good on their business stationery as well. Long domain names can look okay in the browser window, but they look ridiculous on business cards, letterheads, and any other marketing material you may use. People prefer short and easy to remember domain names and Google have also openly announced that they favour and provide slight preference to short domain names.

Register a Brand Domain - Not a Keyword Rich Domain

Another thing to consider before registering your domain name is whether or not people would associate your domain name with your business niche if they saw or heard your domain name without knowing what your company does. Branded domain names often work best when there is a partial keyword match that explicitly links the brand name to the type of service the brand supplies. One mistake we often see business owners still doing is attempting to purchase exact match domain names trying to gain easy rankings for their keywords. This strategy stopped working years ago and will now hinder you more than help you. Exact match domain names can now draw unnecessary attention to your website as these types of web addresses are often associated with low-quality sites. Exact match domains (or EMD's) can still provide you with a slight competitive advantage provided you understand exactly how to leverage that power and stay away from the pitfalls associated with EMD's. The truth is; not many people know how to leverage the benefits that an EMD can provide while staying away from the pitfalls at the same time.

Do Exact Match Domains Still Work

The disadvantages of using an exact match domain name will linger with you much longer than the initial benefit gained by using an EMD. They can make it very difficult for you to build backlinks to your website that don't contain keyword rich anchor text. Even when you create a naked URL link back to your site, it will still have the anchor text keyword contained within it. In 2015, the search algorithm is geared towards penalising websites that use over optimised keyword rich anchor text throughout their Backlink profile. Your site will always need to be marketed and promoted online in order to achieve high stable rankings and over the months and years to come you will accumulate masses of backlinks. If all of these links contain your primary keyword, then it's a disaster waiting to happen. Business owners opt for a well branded domain name that partially hints at the type of service they provide. There is much less danger in the future of your website being penalised or flagged for over optimised links if your domain name is brand-centric. On top of that, people like a brand, they don't like keywords stuffing. A good brand name can give your business more character and depth than a simple keyword can. It's much more memorable for people and positions your organisation on a different level than companies who just use their primary keywords as their brand name.
Which Domain Extension Should I use
If you're an Australian business, then it pays to use domain name as it tends to establish more trust from your customer's perspective, and Google's. A domain name must be verified and authenticated by a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) which is in stark contrast to domain name where an individual or company can remain completely anonymous. Before even attempting to register your new Australian domain name you should check the index of domain names that are available on a daily basis at NetFleet. You may be able to pick up a domain name that is about to expire, or an expired domain name that already has some history and authority behind it. If a previously registered domain name could reasonably represent the type of service your business provides, then it may already have online marketing behind it that's in all the right channels.
How Long to Rank a New Domain Name
People and business owners alike need to understand that the registration of a brand-new domain name does come with certain disadvantages. There is a ranking retardation period associated with new web addresses, and it takes time for the search engines to trust your domain name and website in order to achieve the rankings that it deserves. It doesn't matter if you use a brilliant search engine optimisation company, performing Seo on a brand-new domain name can sometimes be a painfully slow process. Business owners should prepare themselves for a 2 to 6-month lag time before their new domain can become visible in the top 10 search results for keywords that have any type of competition behind them. Buying a new domain name and expecting to rank in the top 10 results for medium to hard competition keywords is just unrealistic. We suggest searching the index of domain names at NetFleet to circumnavigate the ranking disadvantages of using a new domain name. If you opt to use the expired domain strategy, then you must ensure you use due diligence and perform proper research before committing to purchase an expired domain name. Using a pre-owned domain name can allow you to achieve faster-ranking results, but if the domain's backlinks and history aren't adequately researched then it can also cause you trouble when you least expect it. It's quite rare that you'll be able to find a domain that is a good match for your new business and has a clean history with some real authority behind it. But it's worth checking out because it can save you months of anguish while you wait around for your new domain name to mature enough in order for it to become visible in the top 10 results.
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