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To make your new site show up in the search results we recommend using a reputable Seo company in Sydney that achieves fantastic results. Click here for an established search engine optimisation company that gets results.

It's very important that if you plan to start a online business with an eCommerce store or a normal business website that you think well into the future about what you expect to achieve before setting up your new website. We recommend that before you even begin to build your website you formulate a clear and concise keyword strategy that targets your potential customers. Ensure that you create a list of keywords that have good 'buyer intent'so when visitors land on your webpage from these keywords searches there either seeking a solution to a problem or are ready to make a purchase.

Website owners need to understand that creating a new website with out your primary keywords in mind is a recipe for future disaster. There is absolutely no point having a beautiful looking website if it doesn't perform in the search results when someone types in the keywords associated with your business model. We see this mistake made time and time again where clients come to us with finished websites and absolutely no traffic because there website hasn't been intelligently structured around the search terms that people use to find businesses such as theirs.

Tips to Help You Get an Seo Optimised Website

Here's some great tips and instructions that you should pass on to any web designer you choose to build your new website. Before they begin ensure they have a complete list of your primary keywords so they understand the intent an outcome that you're trying to achieve. Ensure your homepage is structured around your best keywords as your home page has the best chance of ranking for any given keyword. Make sure you instruct a web designer to include your primary keyword's in your website's title, meta description, and H1 heading. It's also beneficial to have partial match keywords and semantically associated keywords throughout the other headings contained on your page.

Instruct your web designers to ensure that all pages have proper semantic mark-up which means including all of the correct heading tags, from H1 through to H4. If web designers are handing you over websites with missing H1 tags in the code or multiple H2 tags with no H3 tags present, then the web designer is already retarding your website's ability to rank for your selected keywords.

Whether you spend a couple of thousand dollars on your website, or a whole lot more, it won't make any difference to your website's ability to show up in the search results forgiven keywords. This is why it's so critically important to ensure your website is set up from the very start to perform well for your chosen keywords. We are often called upon to perform search engine optimisation on brand-new websites and where often shocked at what we see. Sometimes it takes us days to sift through the website and correct all the Seo errors we find. Often this is innocently done out of ignorance on behalf of the web designer but we've also found it sometimes partly the client's fault because they didn't have a decisive plan of action to guide their web designers.

A single page on your new website will only have the ability to rank for a small group of closely associated keywords. Don't expect your web-pages to perform well in the search results from multitude of keywords that are closely related to each other. Each and every webpage on your new website has to be built around a specific selection of keywords that are closely related to each other in some way. If you expect your website to show up for some sort of service related keyword in Sydney, then you'll have to build a page specifically targeting that area. Do not expect that same page to perform for the Parramatta area, because most of the time, dependent on the competitiveness of the search term, an entirely new page needs to be devoted to that service area.

Fing a Great Search Engine Optimisation Company

If you've already had your website developed and your thinking about using an Seo company to increase your website's visibility in the search results then here's a few instructions you should be passing on to your Seo firm.

  • Instruct them that you want your on-site Seo to be as close to perfect as possible before they consider performing offsite Seo on it.
  • Tell them that you want a solid foundation of highly reputable directory links and citations to stabilise your site and help your local listing perform.
  • Tell them that you want your site listed on relevant industry Association websites to help show search engines that your business is real and legitimate.
  • Instruct them to ensure that all of your business's details are completely transparent and listed in the footer of your website on every single page of your website.

Taking Your Website Marketing Into Your Own Hands

If you're a DIY business owner that wants to take the marketing of your online business into your own hands then we suggest you take the time to correctly learn the skill sets required to be able to effectively market your own online business. We found that progressive business owners can learn the foundations of Seo quite quickly and they often reap the benefits of this knowledge so many years to come. If you're interested in learning how to perform Seo for your own Sydney business website then we suggest you check out the resource video below.